Why Medical Researchers Use Mice For Experiments

Rodents have always been used to test a variety of medicines for many years, and the same remains true to today. They have been used to test all kinds of medicine from New Cancer treatments to testing Dietary supplements, helping labs to develop new wondrous forms of medicine. According to the Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR), Rats and mice are 95% of all lab animals. But why exactly are mice chosen the most amongst other animals? one of the reasons is the size of the animal, as they are easily maintained and housed, and they adapt very well to new surroundings. But the main and quite of an amazing reason is that these animal’s genetics, biological and behavior characteristics closely resemble humans, and many of the symptoms in humans can be replicated in rats.


mice used for lab research


Most of the mice in the industry are also genetically altered to have almost identical genetics as the other mice of the lab. This helps the medical trial results to be accurate. The mice as are often used as models, as we mentioned before, their characteristics closely resemble the characteristics of humans as the way they think and the way their bodies work and many of the symptoms of humans can also be found in them. Jenny Haliski, a representative for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare said “Rats and mice are mammals that share many processes with humans and are appropriate for use to answer many research questions.” recently these similarities are a lot stronger as scientists can breed “transgenic mice” that carry genes very similar to human diseases.

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Likewise, select genes can be made inactive. According to the FBR, there are also rodents in the industry with severe combined immune deficiency (SCID) for short, are naturally born without an immune system and therefore serve as models for normal and malignant human tissue research.

Mice are also used in behavioral, sensory, aging, nutrition, and genetic studies, as well as being tested with anti-craving medication that could potentially end drug addiction. “Using animals in research is critical to the scientific understanding of biomedical systems leading to use drugs, therapies, and cures,” Told Jenny to Life’s Little Mysteries.


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