bored? Got some time to waste but want to do something useful at the same time? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered for you amazing plant facts that are not only fun to read, but you also will be learning what you didn’t know before. You could share your knowledge with your family and friends, or if you like, with your teachers. Enjoy.



1. In the 17th century Tulip bulbs were more valuable than gold.

2. The sunflower head tracks the Suns movement.

3. Moonflowers Bloom during the night and close during the day.

4. Vanilla flowers only open for 2 to 3 hours.

5. Some flowers only release pollen when a bee buzzes on them.

6. Gerbera daisies absorb carbon monoxide and toxins at night and produce oxygen which helps those who suffer from sleep apnea.

7. Trees lower air temperature by evaporating water in their leaves.

8. Trees clean water and improve the quality.

9. Bamboos grow 9 centimeters per day.

10. There is a toxic tree called Manchineel tree that has sap that can blind a person if it gets into the eyes and can cause blisters to the skin if touched. Standing under that tree during rain would not be a delightful choice either, and neither would eating one of it’s fruits.

11. The Venus flytrap is both mouth and stomach in one. It detects insects when they enter and trap them, then release digestive fluids to consume the nutrients.

12. Carrots were originally purple in color.

13. The sunflower head contains thousands of tiny flowers which ripen as seeds which is used to make sunflower oil.

14. Banana trees are not actually trees, they’re herbs. The stems don’t contain any woody tissue.

15. Cosmos atrosanguineus is a beautiful flower which smells like chocolate.

16. The bluebell flower’s juice historically was used to make glue.

17. Skeleton flowers turn transparent when it rains.

18. Pterocarpus Angolensis is a tree which is also known as Bloodwood Tree. When they are chopped, they spew a thick sticky brown/red blood-like liquid which sticks and repairs the chopped area. The sight of that reminds one of a terrible wound.

19. Coco de Mer or Double Coconut is the worlds most largest seed which can measure up to 1.6 ft.

20. Use of Tomato leaves as herbal tea has been responsible for at least one death.

21. Strawberries and pineberries are the only fruits that have seeds on the outside and have 200 of them.

22.  A Pineberry is a white strawberry that tastes like a pineapple.

23. Sulfuric acid present in onions are the cause for tears.

24. Vanilla is the only edible fruit of the orchid family.

25. Around 600 of carnivorous plant species in the world thrive where no other plant can survive, Including places where there are bogs and heaths.

26. There are over 700 species of carnivorous plants in the world.

27. Pineapples are actually berries.

28. A bristlecone pine can live for 5,000 years which makes it the oldest individually growing organism on the planet.

29. Scientists describe 2000 new plants each year.

30. If a cat eats a small amount of a lily it will lead to acute kidney failure or death.

31. Dracula Simia is a flower that looks like a face of a monkey.

32. Plants can see, feel, hear, and think. They use their cells the way we use our eyes and ears, mouth, and nose. They have senses so they could aid in survival.

33. The world’s largest flower, Rafflesia arnoldii is found in the rainforests of Indonesia and are rare to find. They produce a putrid odor that smells like a dead rotting animal.

34. There are trees that grow in a shape of a C at the bottom in the Crooked Trees Forest of Poland.

35. Fruit and vegetable’s skin are the most nutritional.

36. Watermelons are 92% water.

37. Eating onions makes you sleepy.

38. Evaporation from Oak trees or beech trees is from 10 to 25 gallons within 24 hours.

39. Oak trees produce acorns when they are 50 years old.

40. Plants cry out when they need attention. They cry for help when thirsty in a high pitched sound, too high for humans to hear.

41. Life couldn’t exist without plants.

42. Frangipani is a flower that only burns in extreme temperatures of 500 degrees Celsius. They also produce pleasant aromas at night.

43. White baneberry aka Dolls eyes is a plant that contains fruit that is completely harmless to birds but they slow the heart of a person to death.

44. When you eat a pineapple, it eats you back. They are the only known carriers of an enzyme called bromelain that breaks down proteins. We have proteins in our body, so the pineapples digest them. A fresh pineapple can turn your tongue as rough as sandpaper as a result. Despite the break down of protein when consuming them, Pineapples are healthy to eat.

45. Ketchup n’ Fries plant is the plant that can produce both tomatoes and potatoes.

46. Forget coffee, apples are able to keep you awake too.

47. There is a plant named Suicide plant which causes severe pain if touched which lasts for many decades.

48. Bamboos are grass, not trees.

49. Trees send warning signals to other trees of incoming insects.

50. Baobab trees can hold over 32,000 Gallons of water in the trunk.

51. Marshmallows were originally made from the sap contained in the marshmallow plant and was used as medicine for throat pain.

52. If you take off a part of a cactus and let it dry or callus for a few days and then plant it, the dry end will root into a new plant.

53. Keeping a cactus next to your computer will help absorb the radiation the computer emits.

54. A 75yr old man Cape Cod thought he had a tumor growing in his lung- but it turned out to be a pea plant growing inside it.

55. Almonds are a member of the peach family.

56. Walking on grass makes one feel rejuvenated, alive and fresh.

57. Wild bananas actually have large seeds. The bananas that are sold in stores are specially bred to be seedless.

58. Peanuts are legumes which are related to lentils and beans. They are not actually nuts.

59. Giant lily pads in the Amazon river can support 100 pounds and can grow up to 6 feet in diameter.

60. The leaves of a Gympie Gympie tree are so toxic that they produce excruciating pain as though one is sprayed with hot acid and being electrocuted at the same time. one man has been reported to shoot himself after he had used the leaves as toilet paper.

61. A tree can be used as a compass.

62. There is such thing as black roses, they only exist in Halfeti, Turkey.

63. 85% of plant life is found in the ocean.

64. Hemlock Water-dropwort plant is a poisonous plant that leaves the person forced into a smile on their face when they die.

65. Hydnora africana is a putrid smelling plant that looks like a reptile’s head coming out of the ground with “sharp teeth”

66. A forest is located inside the worlds most largest cave which is in Vietnam. The cave also has clouds inside it.

67. Some people do tree shaping where they grow trees while turning them out to be bridges, chairs, fences, ladders, gyms, tunnels, even houses and many other amazing things.

68. A pumpkin is actually a fruit.

69. Red Mulberry trees can produce fruits for around 70-75 years.

70. Bamboos produce flowers and they bloom at the same time.

71. The broccoli we consume are unopened flowers.

72. Deet, the original substance that is used to repel insects in flowers are less effective than catnip.

73. Snapdragons are beautiful, however, when they die, their seed pods look like skulls.

74. Cucamelons are miniature watermelon looking fruits that taste like cucumbers only with a really sour taste and they are the size of a grape.

75. There is a tree named rainbow tree because it sheds its outer bark to reveal really bright green then blue, purple, orange and then red.

76. You can bite your finger off as easily as you bite from a carrot but your brain stops you from doing so.

77. One olive tree is believed to be over 2,000 years old and still produces olives to this day. It is named The olive tree of Vouves.

78. The first plant used for making products such as clothing and medicine was first cultivated in China, 5,000 years ago.

79. The heaviest organism on the planet are trees named Trembling Giants which weigh 6,615 tons.

80. The oldest flowering plant was found by scientists which was dated back to 125 million years. It was found as a fossil in China.

81. Dandelion petals can be eaten as vegetables.

82. In 2009 scientists discovered the carnivorous Pitcher plant consumes rats as well as other insects.

83. More than 70,000 plants species are used as medicine.

84. Venus flytraps live for 20 years maximum.

85. Plants containing caffeine work as a natural insecticide which ward off insect pests, however, with time, the caffeine becomes toxic to the plant itself.

86. Eucalypts are trees that can regenerate after a fire.

87. when grass is mowed, the smell that is produced is actually the grass producing smell in distress to beg animals nearby to help save them.

88. A bonsai apple trees produce tiny apples which are the size of strawberries.

89. Trees are made up of 99% dead cells. The roots are alive, so are the leaves and phloem.

90. Selaginella lepidophylla or Dinosaur plant curves up into a ball in dry weather and then opens up if given a little water.

91. The mother in law’s tongue’s sap is so toxic it can paralyze your vocal cords.

92. Dr. Gabor Maté used ayahuasca (Amazonian hallucinogenic tea) to treat addicts and helped 150 break through their addictions in a span of two years. However, the health Canada threatened him with arrest if he didn’t stop.

93. Skunk Cabbages produce their own heat 30°C to 36°C. It melts through snow.

94. 50,000 of plants are edible but less than 150 are consumed by people.

95. Plants grow faster with sound.

96. Mushrooms are actually more closely related to animals than plants.

97. There is a flower which is completely white, including it’s stem because it does not contain any chlorophyll.

98. Scientists converted spinach into a beating human heart tissue. They made a miniature version of a working heart and they say that this may one day aid in tissue regeneration.

99. Bananas are slightly radioactive, but they are not dangerous to our health by consuming them.

100. There is a tree that produces 3 to 7 different fruits at the same time. It’s called the Fruit salad tree.

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