10 Unbelievable Animals That Use Camouflage

Here is a list of 10 animals and insects that disappear using their power of camouflage. Their bodies are designed to look almost invisible which helps them to retreat from predatory attacks.


1.  Common Baron Caterpillar.

Seen from afar, this caterpillar is completely invisible on leaves. They place themselves onto the midrib of the leaf making it difficult to tell if there really is an insect reclining on it.


2. The Leaf-Tailed Gecko.

This rare species of gecko is found only in Madagascar. They are really rare due to their numbers, and to top it off, it is also due to their brilliant camouflage. These geckos can grow to 7/8 inches in length.


3. Eastern Screech Owls.

Eastern Screech Owls have feathers which blend very well into their surroundings. They use this camouflage to not only hide away from predators but also to become the predators.


4. Rhinopias (or Merlet’s Scorpionfish).

These fish look exactly like coral. It’s quite unbelievable that these are actually fish. They rarely swim but when they do have to move, rather than swimming, they walk or hop using their pelvic and pectoral fins.


5. Pygmy Seahorse.

Can you spot the Pygymy Seahorse? Of course not. These extremely rare Seahorses are fragile yet masters of camouflage as between the tip of their tails and nose, they 2.4cm in length and they blend fully into corals. They have been discovered accidentally when a researcher was examining a piece of coral in a lab and noticed this tiny animal clung to it.


6. Copperhead Snake.

Copperheads are common snakes of Northern America. They perfectly camouflage around dried leaves which make them extremely difficult to spot when they remain still. Their venom is mild but it is rarely fatal for humans.


7. Stick Insects.

These insects are indistinguishable from sticks. Stick insects can shed and regenerate their skin to run away from predators. At times they will play dead when there is no other chance to escape.


8.  Octopuses (or Octopi, depending on your preferences). 

This picture was taken seconds before it vanished into its surroundings. When Octopi camouflage they seem to fade away into thin air due to their amazing color change. They do this by controlling the size of their cells which enables them to change patterns and colors exactly like their surroundings. Another amazing study of this creature is that all their vital organs are located in their heads.


9. Leaf Mimic Katydids. 

Leaf Katydids are really unusual insects with a body completely shaped like a leaf. These creatures have ears on their front legs and have to move them around to hear in a direction.


10. Leafy Seadragon. 

Leafy Seadragons are really slow swimmers but they use their camouflage as an advantage to escape predators.  They are found throughout the southern coast of Australia, from western Austrailia to Victoria.


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