10 Smartest Animals On The Planet

Did you know that dolphin brains have similarities to ours? Scientists have discovered that their brains contain elongated spindle neurons in the neocortex which previously was thought to be found only in human brains. These cells in the brain are used for social interactions producing emotions, judgment, and theory of the mind. Besides dolphins, there are many more interesting animals that are similar to us humans in various ways. Here are 10 of the smartest animals in the world:


1.  The New Caledonian Crow.

This crow is the smartest out of all its subspecies. “They are to crows what we are to the rest of primates.” Said Matt Brown, a Ph.D. student in crow cognition at Griffith University in Queensland, Austrailia. In general, crows don’t even need to be trained in order to figure things out. In 2014 a current biology study showed that they can work out problems spontaneously.


2. Fire Ants. 

Despite their tiny brains, these insects figure out ways to get out of a situation by literally sticking together. They form bridges when needing to get to the other side and boats, towers, and even group up together to carry a heavy object. When building a live bridge, they cautiously monitor the flow of ant traffic across their backs, according to a 2015 study.  They maximize the efficiency by adjusting the size and shape of the bridge.


3.  Raccoons. 

Researchers have complained numerous times how these creatures had gnawed through the cage bars and hid into the lab’s ventilation systems. They are able to use their hands, limbs, and thumbs fully which helps them to utilize objects to their advantage. And with their curious minds, they can use tools make their escape. Researchers such as Lawren Cole of the University of Oklahoma suggested that raccoons could also hold mental imagery in their brains and learn through imitation.


4. Chimpanzees.

Chimps are animals that are very much similar to human beings. In fact, after humans and dolphins (yes, dolphins.), these monkeys are the smartest animals alive. They possess minds that can comprehend emotions, judgment, self-awareness, and empathy. They learn from experience and cooperation in problem-solving and follow through multiple examples. If they fail to accomplish a task and have bad experiences as a result, they avoid it in the future.



5. African Grey Parrots.

This is a parrot with an IQ similar to that of a five-year-old child. African Greys can not only mimic human speech almost exactly as they hear it and word out full sentences, but they can also play various memory games and learn tricks quicker than dogs! They are very gentle but highly sociable birds and require much attention and care. In comparison, these parrots are smarter than dogs according to researchers. As you can see in the video above, Griffin the Grey Parrot knows what he says and knows what his owner means when she talks to him.


6. Spiders.

Along with ants, these tiny-brained animals do things which bigger brained animals wouldn’t do. For example, when bored, they play with their webs and make tunes like as though they are playing the guitar. They also build webs so small that they go unnoticed by bigger insects which eventually get trapped by the web that is small enough to fit between their limbs. Take another spider, for example, the Diving Bell Spider which adapted a way to live underwater by weaving a little scuba tank around it before diving in.


7. Elephants.

Elephants are exceptionally smart animals with their huge brains. They have the ability to determine a person’s gender, age, and ethnicity by the sound of a person’s voice. Elephants are also emotional animals which mourn when their fellow family member dies. They are really protective even when upon hearing an accent or a different language. For example, researchers found two Kenyan men from different ethnic groups, Kamba and Maasai. The Masaai have a history of killing wild elephants. The researchers recorded both the men saying ‘look, look over there, a group of elephants is coming.’ and played the recordings to the elephants and they showed signs of fear and huddled together and backed away upon hearing the voice.


8. Cows.

Cows can learn and remember things for a long period of time. They are really social animals that have a group of friends, as well as enemies! They shed tears and mourn at the death and separation of whom they loved. There are countless reports of cows continuing to call and cry for their calves that are separated from them when they are sold. Research has shown that cows have great thinking abilities and can learn how to push a lever to operate a drinking fountain when they are thirsty or push a button with their heads in order to release grains when hungry. And much like humans, cows enjoy mental challenges and get excited when they find solutions.


9.  Dolphins.

Dolphins are extremely tactical creatures. According to researchers dolphins are second to humans in terms of intelligence. Dolphins even surpass the mind of a Chimpanzee which was once thought to be the smartest animal after us human beings. Scientists have also discovered that their brains contain elongated spindle neurons in the neocortex which previously was thought to be found only in our brains. These cells in the brain produce emotions and judgment and help to produce theories in mind.


10. Octopuses.

Scientists have found that octopuses can walk through mazes, solve problems and remember the solutions too. Scientists stated they provided octopuses with clams and mussels in order to figure out which one they like the best. Despite their strong force, they chose mussels because they were easier to open. And they then switched to clams when the scientists put the clams on a half shell. They clearly went for what they found easy to get to. Octopuses also play when bored,  and play is something only intelligent animals do as they like to figure things out and learn along the way.

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