Tigers- The Powerful Animals Falling Into Extinction

Tigers are the most powerful and largest species of the cat family. They have significantly higher muscle strength weighing twice the size of a large African Lion. On average, a fully grown African lion weighs 181kg, Bengal tigers weigh 221.2kg and 230kg is the weight of a fully grown Siberian tiger. When it comes to power, there is no chance a lion could defeat a tiger as the tiger has the strength one lion can’t surpass. However, if the lion is tactical enough it may be able to win the fight but even so, It’s very unlikely.

White tigers are not actually a special breed. Their fur has a rare genetic mutation which occurs 1 in 10,000 births.


Siberian tigers can survive different temperatures as high as 40°C and as low as -50°C. Since tigers have a low tolerance for the heat, they are one of the cats along with jaguars that are excellent when it comes to swimming, unlike most other wild cats. Other cats can swim too but they are adapted to hunt on land and tend to avoid water. Tigers and jaguars live in lush tropical jungles with many rivers surrounding them whereas lions and similar cats live on drier lands in comparison. Tigers can swim 4.3 miles across and can swim up to 18miles per day while patrolling their territory. Their territories can be as large as 100 square kilometers (37 square miles).

While tigers have greater muscle strength, Jaguars have the strongest bite force. Researchers compared the bite force of 9 different cat species and it was revealed that Jaguars have three-quarters the bite force of tigers. Which means they can bite straight through the skull of its prey with ease.


Bengal tigers have a population of 4,000 followed by the Indochinese tiger with a population of 1,000, the Sumatran tiger with 400, and the Siberian tiger left with a number of 250 tigers. The tiger subspecies that sadly have faced extinction are Caspian (which went extinct in the 1970’s), Javan (extinct in the 1980’s), and Balinese tigers (which went extinct in the 1930’s). South China tigers are near extinction with only 50 left in captivity which are descendants of 6 wild tigers.

Today Bengal tigers are endangered as a result of serious poachers in India for Chinese medicine and animal skin markets. These tigers are found

Rusty spotted cats are the worlds smallest predatorial cats that can fit into the palm of your hands. These cats are found in SriLanka and they weigh only a kilo. 

in areas of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Bhutan, China, and Myanmar. Poaching demands from Asia have put Bengal tigers at great risk. Bengal tigers which are Bangladesh’s National Animal are the most powerful tigers after the Siberian. It has been reported to drag a dead gaur which 13 grown men were not able to move.

Siberian Tigers, sadly, have an increasingly low population and are facing extinction before other tiger species which currently remain. Almost all Siberian tigers are found in the Southeast corner of Russia in the Sikhote-Alin mountain range east of the Amur River. They are the largest and the most powerful out of all tiger species which can grow 13 feet in length and can weigh up to 700lbs.


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