10 Most Unusual Places On Earth

Whether it be a lake that can produce 960 megawatts of electricity, or 280 lightening bolts flashing through the sky every hour and almost every night, or places so polluted that they can cause a harsh fatality, we will be going through 20 of the most unusual and deadliest places on earth:


1. Lake Kivu

9 years ago bubbles of gas literally swallowed three people down into the depth of this lake. This lake has 60 billion cubic meters of methane and 300 billion cubic meters of carbon dioxide dissolved within it coming from a nearby volcanic activity. The methane inside this lake can be used to make up to 960 megawatts of electricity which is enough electricity for several small countries. The gases are trapped 80 meters below the lake’s surface because of the water pressure. This deadly lake is a huge threat to the people that live around it as in a case of a volcanic eruption of Nyirgongo, this lake could explode and wipe out the entire area.


2. Lake maracaibo, Venezuela  

Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela has an everlasting storm producing approximately 280 lightening bolts per hour. This crashing lightening storm lasts approximately 10 hours almost everyday for approximately 260 and 300 days a year. Averagely there are 1.2 million flashes of lightening in a year! Now that’s shocking.


3. Danakil Desert  

Known as the hottest place on earth and also “hell on earth.” With temperatures reaching often to 120°F  (50°C) and ponds of sulfuric acid and thick heaps of salt. With volcanic activity present, this poison world on a verge of destruction. The un breathable air in this desert is burning with scorching temperatures filled with vapors of sulfur and other toxic fumes. An individual would be risking his life if he was standing in that area for a long period of time. Let alone 5 minutes of standing and inhaling the fumes could cause a lot of harm to the human body.


4. North Sentinel Island 

The place where real cave men exist. People that don’t know what the current year is, or even what its like to live inside an enclosed shelter with electricity, let alone a plastic tent with wood fire. Yes, they don’t even know how to kindle fire, but what they do know is how to hunt. And they are extremely territorial.  If you come into their territory you are struct violently with bow and arrows. They decline any source of aid whatsoever and prefer to be left alone just as they currently are. No one has ever set foot upon this island. Two men fishing close to the island shore were killed by this wild tribe. They attempt to chase any source of help away to their death. This is one of the world’s most deadliest island.


5. Ramree Island

Home to thousands of the most heaviest and the most deadliest crocodiles on the planet, the Seawater crocodiles. During world war II these vicious crocks mauled Japanese troops which had retreated into this island in hopes of survival during February 19, 1945 in which there were 1,000 of them in numbers and only 20 of them had been found alive after the brutal attack of these reptilian beasts.


6. Surtsey island

Off the coast of Iceland, where there was no such thing as land, a volcanic eruption had occurred beneath the ocean, causing a new island to emerge from the depths of 130 meters below sea level and had reached to the surface on 14th November 1963. The eruption carried on til’ 5th of June 1967. Many Birds, insects, harbor and grey seals have took this volcanic island as their new home.


7. Giants Causeway, Nothern Ireland.

My little nephew told me that this place reminded him of the flat world of Minecraft. And I agree to some extent. But the amazing thing about this is that the perfectly straight pentagon and sort of cuboid shaped rocks were created by a volcanic eruption which spewed out molten basalt which solidified as it cooled down, creating amazing man made like structures.


8. Lake Karachay, Russia.

This lake was used to dump nuclear waste by the Soviet union’s weapon facilities in the 1950’s. It is known to be the most polluted site on earth. It has so many radioactive pollutants that by standing there for only one hour, you would be receiving a lethally toxic dose of radiation.


9. Yellow stone National Park. 

Yellow Stone may be a stunning National Park with many wonders and awe inspiring adventures within it, but the threatening thing about it is that it is situated on top of the worlds most largest super volcano that is said it can erupt and wipe out two thirds of the USA. It’s last powerful eruption was 640,000 years ago. It has the ability to blow out 1,000 cubic kilometers of rock and ash at once. The dangers of these volcanic eruptions aren’t only just the molten blast of lava and scorching hot rocks, but the ashes too posses serious threat causing abrasions in the eyes, respiratory burns, and can disrupt air travel by blocking out visibility and many other ruination including destruction of buildings by the weight of the heap of ashes.


10. Queimada Grande or Snake Island, Brazil.

Within this uninhabited 110 acre island, it is estimated that more than 4,000 snakes slither around inside, mostly in which include the most deadliest viper on the planet, The Golden Lancehead. The venom of this snake causes deadly health encounters such as brain hemorrhage, kidney failure, severe necrosis of muscular tissue, blood in the vomit and urine, thickening of the blood, blood blisters, bruising, nausea and vomiting, and if not treated on time, the last resort would be death.



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