7 Mudskipper Facts

Found in the Indo-pacific, from Australia, Polynesia and Africa. They are specifically named Mudskippers as they skip through the land using their modified pectoral swimming fins. Their fins have strong muscles and even have a joint half way along. They can drown if held underwater for too long as they need to reach the surface to gulp air. Here are 7 interesting facts about Mudskippers:


1. Mudskippers carry water in their gills in order to survive on land. 

Like Crabs, Mudskippers carry water to stay on land except they carry water in their gills and Crabs carry it in their carapaces.

2. Mudskipper eyes can be moved around independently.

They can look at both underwater and land.

3. Mudskippers roll their eyeballs back into water-filled eye sockets to keep their eyes moist.  

Mudskippers reach 2.75 to 9.75 inches in length and can live for around 6-11

4.  Mudskippers eat mud.

The mud they eat contains brilliant amounts of little animals, plants, and nutrients that they filter into their mouths.

5. Mudskippers fight each other over land.

They lift the fins on the top, threatening their enemies to let them know that the mud piece they are fighting over is theirs alone.

6. Slender Mudskippers can climb trees. 

These fascinating Mudskippers have an ability to climb trees thanks to their pelvic fins that suck and cling on.


7. Mudskippers must dig themselves a little hole in the ground to keep themselves cool. 

They dig themselves little hatches in the mud to keep their bodies cool.

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