7 Crab Facts

These little critters surely have a remarkable side to them that you may or may not have heard before. Here are 7 fascinating facts that you would want to know:

The yeti crab Is not only a hairy but also a blind crab too.  And It eats filamentous bacteria that grow in colonies on its hairy claws. They live in Antarctica and they were first discovered on March 9, 2006. See more at National Geographic for more information.

1. Crabs amputate their claws after injury.

After being beaten up by seagulls and other predators and managing to escape the chaos, they clip off the claws that they no longer need and after a year they regrow their new claws.

2. Crabs have a small abdomen that is curled up beneath its shell.

Crabs are decapods (which means 10 footed) or crustaceans just like Lobsters which have altogether 10 limbs. Other members of crustaceans are shrimps, prawns, and crayfish.

3. The crab’s shell is actually its skeleton. 

Spiders and insects also have external skeletons called (exoskeletons) which are made out of chitin which protects the soft tissues underneath it.

5. The largest Crab in the world is called the Japanese Spider Crab. 

These Crabs are found in depths of 5- 2000ft and they live up to a hundred years. They were first discovered in 1836 and they are mostly found in the Suruga, Sagami and Tosa bays, also off the coast of the Kii peninsula. Their legs are fairly huge reaching 3.8 meters from claw to claw (That’s 12 ft). They have an appetite for all kinds of smaller live or dead fish, starfish, and mollusks.

Coenraad Jacob stated that these Crab giants (spider Crabs) could cause serious damage with their enormous claws. As you can tell by the picture, they have a pretty long reach.

6. Hermit Crabs are known to kill and sometimes eat one another alive.

Hermit crabs are not only omnivores but are also cannibals. They sometimes get into a little war between each other and rip and pull each other out of their shells and if one of them gets lucky, they have a chance to eat the other one up alive.  And not just that, but every time a Hermit Crab’s fellow family member dies, they finish them off by eating them, too.

7. There are over 4500 species of crabs in the world.

Crabs communicate with each other by making tapping sounds with their claws.

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